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“Sexy isn’t a shape. It’s an attitude.”


You got this.

The day to day activities of life can be so daunting and stressful that we tend to lose ourselves in the mix of it. We often forget to take time for us and do the things we love and that make us feel amazing!

Boudoir is the perfect outlet to let that stress go, take a step back and feel good in your skin again!

It is all about reconnecting with yourself, diving deep into what you miss most.

Doing a shoot can help create the opportunity to grow and become the best version of yourself again!

What Is Boudoir?!

Boudoir is a beautiful art form of self love! It is a celebration of beauty, confidence and a sense of elegance. It’s about taking a break, finding the space to breathe, enjoying yourself and leaving with a new found love for your body, mind and heart!

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Are you looking to:

regain your confidence

celebrate another year of beauty or a recently achieved milestone in life
surprise your special someone with an unforgettable gift
re-ignite that “spark” in your relationship
love and embrace your body as it is RIGHT NOW
nurture or heal the relationship with yourself

If so, then you deserve this!

Hey Gorgeous!

It's me - you're new Boudoir bestie!

Sydney Heuler-Ruffino

I love shooting Boudoir! To me, it is more than just posing in your favorite pair of undies. It is about learning to love your body and becoming comfortable in your own skin all while SHINING BRIGHT like the beautiful diamond you are!

Photoshop is not really opened to much during my editing sessions. The way you enter the studio is absolutely gorgeous!

Of course, I'm pleased to remove any tiny messes like flyaway hairs, scratches, or bruises. Bring it in, girl; anything else is what makes you more beautiful!

We adore everything.


New Jersey

Boudoir Photographer


Love Notes From Our Beautiful Boudoir Babes!


“SHR Photography is absolutely amazing, she is great to work with. Her attitude and personality is always so bubbly and she sets so many goals for herself as well as for her clients. She is great at meeting everyone’s needs and comes up with many solutions. Her photography is stunning and I would recommend her to everyone!”

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