As a women who has never been pregnant yet, I truly give props to women who have experienced motherhood! From the long nights of being sick to the days of feeling like they never end, you're a hero. As much as there are long and hard days, I can only imagine there are also so many exciting and encouraging days and moments. One thing I truly know, is that no matter how big or small or unattractive you feel, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Maternity Boudoir

Maternity Boudoir - I know, it sounds scary, being naked in front of the camera with what feelings like I'm sure - a 12 pound bowling ball in your belly! I can promise you, it is not! If anything, it is one of the most relaxing, connecting moments you can have while being pregnant. Think of it as a quiet time to breathe, smile and enjoy every little kick, flutter and tickle that little one is giving you inside of there.

It is so soft, romantic and more about showing the beauty of the woman bringing a life into this world. And let’s not forget about that sweet baby bump!

What To Wear

One thing that’s different about maternity boudoir… there really isn’t lingerie involved! I recommend my maternity boudoir clients to bring cute lace bras or bralettes! I also love the idea of cozy knit sweaters or cardigans rather than kimonos that I would normally use for boudoir. You are welcome to bring your own, or I have a few that I keep on hand for my clients to borrow!