Pricing Collections

The Shimmer

$425 + tax

1 Hour & 30 Minutes
3 Outfit Changes
Professional Hair & Makeup
Digital Gallery of 30+ photos
Download Access
Online Store to purchase Prints, Wraps and More!

The Bombshell

$625 + tax

2 Hours
4 Outfit Changes
Professional Hair & Makeup
Digital Gallery of 40+ photos
Download Access
Online Store to purchase Prints, Wraps and more!

Client Closet


Check out all of our beautiful client closet pieces, accessories and more!

These are all available for use during your session!

Just let us know what pieces you are interested in and we will be sure to bring them along!

"It’s all about confidence and how you feel about yourself. There’s no such thing as a perfect woman. I like imperfections – that’s what makes you unique."

Hayley Hasselhoff



I. Where do I even begin?!

Girl, I got you!
I have created 3 guides to best help you prepare for your session with me! Everything from what to do to prepare a week before all the way down to what to eat the day before your session!

Of course, all the in between questions like "What to Wear", "This or That", and even "Is this to sexy"??

Trust me, I have your back and we will make you look BEAUTIFUL! *Chef's Kiss*

II. When should i schedule a boudoir session?

NOW! There is seriously no right or wrong time to schedule a Boudoir Session.

You can say " I will after I lose 20 pounds" or "I will when I get a better body", but the truth is, those are just excuses because we are to scared! JUST DO THE SHOOT!

You are PERFECT the way you are! I truly believe we are beautiful at every state in our life. We can always look better, but we will never look as beautiful as we do right now! Life is full of moments, mistakes, happiness and love. Take those things, enjoy the moments of where you are in life right now and CELEBRATE YOU!

III. Do you offer payment plans?

YES! We have an awesome program called the "Boudie Bank Program!" This program is designed for the client that wants to book a session but can't afford to pay for it all up front. When you inquire for a shoot, be sure to mention you want to discuss this option!!

IV. Where will my shoot take place?

The shoot will take place at my studio!

We can also explore the options for a Destination shoot or for me to travel to you!

V. What do i bring?

I suggest bringing 3-5 different outfits for us to choose from on your shoot date. You will receive guides from me on the best pieces to purchase as well as a look into our client closet where we let you choose an additional 2 more pieces for your shoot!

VI. What if I don't want Professional Hair & Makeup?

Our Hair & Makeup team have years of experience and are the best at what they do! You get to choose your looks with suggestions from the girls! Although we're sure you've mastered your day to day makeup routine, boudoir makeup is a little more fancy! We are sure to have you looking Camera Ready!

However, if you decide you really don't want this pampering experience, we can arrange for that. However, it will not change the price of the retainer fee as it is complementary with the shoot.

VII. Do Digitals come with my session?

You do get your images back in a digital gallery that is password protected!

VIII. Do you help pose me?

My assistant and I are like double agents when it comes to boudoir!
As I am posing you and helping you get comfortable, she is standing to the side looking for little things like tags, hair flyaways, crazy straps, all of it!

Shake out the nerves sis, you will do just fine!

IX. Can I shoot topless or nude?

ABSOLUTELY QUEEN! You are more than welcome to go topless or full nude! We do have blankets, lace wraps and robes you're welcome to play with as well if you wanted to give the "illusion" that you're nude!

X. When can i expect my photos back?!

Once your session is complete, we will schedule a date/time/place to meet to go over your amazing photos! You will get to sip on champagne with up to 3 friends while we view and play with products!

Following this, we will place your product orders and then we wait for them to come in! Once I have received your products, I will do a quick check to make sure everything is PERFECT and then I will hand deliver them right to you!