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My name is Sydney. I’m 25 years old, a self-taught natural light photographer, avid coffee drinker, adventure seeker, and proud dog-mom.

I love shooting Boudoir! To me, it is more than just posing in your favorite pair of undies. It is about learning to love your body and becoming comfortable in your skin all while SHINING BRIGHT like the beautiful diamond you are!

Here at B.B., we pride ourselves on seeing women for who they are - HUMANS! We all have those curves we don't like, the cellulite on our thighs and the wrinkles on our faces. All these flaws are uniquely beautiful and help make up who we are.

Why Boudoir is my favorite...

I, like many girls, have struggled with body image issues since I was about 18. Over the years, I changed my lifestyle so much due to moving, changing careers/college goals, & just living life in general. With all those changes came the hiccups of losing myself and the confidence I once had in high school and fresh into college. When I discovered Boudoir back in 2020 (just before covid broke out - thank goodness!), I realized how amazing I felt after working with girls who were struggling just like I was. Boudoir is a way to connect with yourself and feel confident in your own skin. I did a lot of research and stalked a lot of Boudoir photographers around the nation to see what others were doing to help establish themselves and promote the idea with potential clients. I've since then taken the information I have learned and put it into my business to create an environment for the women I work with to feel Strong, Sexy, and Confident in their bodies each and every day!

Over the last few years, as I have been doing Boudoir photography, I have learned that Boudoir can be viewed as a very sexualized thing or it can be viewed as beautiful and empowering. I personally see it as something that is simple and worthy of doing. We as women often times get sexualized for the way we dress, wear our makeup or hair, or even just by our body type. When I work with a client to figure out what direction they want their shoot to go in, I try to create a space where they're comfortable speaking about what they feel is sexy and simple to them. Boudoir should be more about your body as a whole and how you feel and look as a person rather than an object! It can still be sexy, but in a way that doesn't make you feel objectified or "too sexy". It's all about making sure you feel good about what you're wearing and doing!

Just remember, Sexy isn't a shape, it's an attitude!

a smile:



Find a new reason to smile about yourself today!

Do you sometimes feel like Boudoir isn't for you?!

Me too girl, me too.

Truth is...

This IS for you!

Don't think twice any longer. Boudoir is made for you!

Go look in the mirror, smile, and come back - did you see it?!

Those beautiful curves, the soft, sweet smile you have?! Those to die for eyes?!


Boudoir is so simple and easy. Yes - you will be nervous, who wouldn't be - you're standing in your undies with someone who is a total stranger!

Put that thought aside for a second though. Think about the confidence boost, the adrenaline rush, and the feeling of accomplishment!

These are all feelings my clients walk away with after a boudoir shoot.

Over the years

I have worked with tons of women looking to find themselves again and rebuild their confidence that has been broken down over the years. The amazing thing about boudoir is that you can partake in it at any stage of your life. Whether you're 4 months pregnant, 20 pounds over your ideal weight, or just older, every woman deserves the chance to feel sexy and worth it. That is the best part about all this! I have learned over the years of doing boudoir that no matter where a woman is in her journey through life, she always walks out of the studio with a smile on her face and a little more excitement and love for herself.

My Experience

Before I got married, I contemplated whether or not I should do a boudoir shoot as a wedding gift for my husband. I went back and forth talking to my best friend if it would be something he would enjoy. Let me tell you what, he LOVED it! I took everything from my experience and used it to help me build the experience I wanted my clients to have. It helped me find the confidence I didn't know I needed while also finding the love for myself that I had lost years past. Everything I learned from doing my boudoir shoot I take forward with me everyday I shoot boudoir for other beautiful ladies like yourself.

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